For me, it is important to be creative on a daily basis. Creativity is a life style for me and I try to create in any shape or form whenever I get the chance! Recently, I found the joys of art journaling. I have found that art journaling is a great new way for me to express my feelings in a visual form. Every day is a journey and each time I create a page I learn new techniques and I learn something new about me as well. I’m also learning about mixed media art. I love the idea of using many different means to create something new. Please click here to view my art journal pages.

My other passion after photography is scrapbooking! So, I’m including a link to my scrapbooking and other work as well. Although, these are hobbies for me it’s a great way to implement my design skills and at the same time expand my creativity and reach higher levels in things such as photography, journaling, mixed media, crafts and art. Click here to view my hobbies!


1 thought on “Creativity”

  1. HI Diana, Let me just say how excited I am for you and your pursuits, school, art, etc. Although I’ve been a scrapper and stamper for a long time, I recently became interested in starting an art journal. I absolutely love yours. So inspiring. I’m excited to get started on this journey. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful art. I”m going to link you on my blog. Happy New Year! J

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