I’m a wife, mom, student, a photographer, designer and self-taught artist. I’m a determined person who loves to learn new things and loves anything that will inspire creativity like, Photography, Web Design, Computers, Music,  Reading, Writing, Scrapbooking, Art, Visual Journaling, Mixed Media and anything else in the design and art field.

Everything I’ve experienced has greatly contributed to who I am today, and I believe I have much, much more to learn. Therefore, I am not a perfect person nor I pretend to be, I have many faults and flaws but God is working on it! I’m passionate about God and I love the Lord with all my heart! My life is sorounded by His grace and Love! I try my absolute best to embrace life with an open mind even when circumstances attempt to seize and steal my peace and joy. I find that it is not in myself nor my striving efforts, but in my sweet savior, Jesus. My heart beats fast for the things of God and my desire is Him. I hope to leave a legacy, not in which I am remembered, but He in me.

You may contact me at: http://www.dianacornielle.com or drop me an email at: dianaisa26@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Amen to your words!

    p.s. your eyes are full of sweetness and light! God bless you!

  2. arunraaj said:



    PS:you dont look too old…did you marry as a child??lolz…

    with love..

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