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I stopped by to give you an update on what’s going on.  I have been very busy with many different things on top of my already crazy school projects! I have been booking a few photo shoots with a couple of local christian bands. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to do this type of work. One of the bands will be using a few shots for their upcoming CD. I am just so excited about that! It was my first band shoot, too! It was lots of fun… these guys are amazing and their music is awesome, too! I can’t wait for our “night” shoot this Friday!

I also have a shoot for this Saturday with a local young lady who will be promoting her future CD and asked me to shoot the images for this purpose! That’ll be fun, too! Can’t wait!

This past Saturday I did my very first wedding! All by myself! Yay! Well…. actually hubby helped me…lol. I think he dind’t do so bad! He’s hired!!! Hehe, actually, our plan is to be working together  during weddings! They are so much work! Crazy, fast work! lol! So our plans is to both be the photographers at weddings. Me as the first photographer and he will do some candid shots! I still haven’t started editing but, I can’t wait to start doing so.

Although, I am working towards my photography degree and plan to run a successful business and hopefully become a full time photographer sometime in the future the Lord has opened up an opportunity for me to work as an Intervention/Prevention Specialist in a christian organization in my area. The job basically is to educate latin young and older women, as well as children about HIV and AIDS. The thing about this job is that I was NOT looking for it! It was presented to me and I got very interested in it. Of course, I still need to go through the second interview process and all but, I am so thanksful that God has even considered me for the job. What a great way to help out the community and bring hope and light to those who need it! The best thing about this job is that they are willing to work around my schedule and the hours are very flexible which will allow me to continue with school and run my photography business! How cool is that? I am so excited to start. What are God’s plans with this? I don’t know. But I know one thing… He is in control! I will just follow the journey He’s placed in front of me. God is so good…

So that’s it for now. Thank you for coming back to my blog! Enjoy your upcoming days!


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Drawing WEB


Drawing 3 WEB

I’ve been absent from the blogging world for too long, I know! But trust me when I say, that I have been having fun even though, I’ve been very stressful due to my great efforts of trying to meet all the deadlines. Anywho, these are just two examples of this project I’ve been so busy working on. Tuesday is the critique day for this project. I will post more and better images after the critque day, I promise.

On top of all the things going on with classes and projects and assignments there’s so much going on in my life right now. I have so many things to share with you all. So many great and exciting things going on and I promise that I will share them with you soon. I hope you all are enjoying life everyday! Thanks for peeking!

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{Opening Thoughts}: Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life and about the wonderful things that God has been doing in me. He’s been showing me so many things about me that I never knew! He’s been showing me all the possibilities that are out there for me… Recently, I bought this book with the idea of getting a little bit more educated on the subject about making business with things I love doing and that is being creative! There are times when I doubt myself and what I can do or what I was destined to do but, God is always there proving me wrong and reenforcing me to keep going and to keep shooting, creating…. and If i do, eventually I shall bloom! Lol! So… I shall continue! {Closing Thoughts}.

Anyhow, I would like to share a few of the things that are going on with me. Today, I met with a christian band who had contacted me through my website about wanting me to do a photo shoot with them. They want to use the images for their album cover and promotional purposes. I am sooooo exctied! Not only is it going to be fun and exciting for me but it’s going to be a great experience too! We booked dates for the 2 photo shoots, I can’t wait! 

Also, I’ve been working on some school photo projects which have been keeping me very very busy. One of the projects is to re-create children’s drawings into photographs! Yikes! How crazy is that? Lol. But yes, I love it! Here’s three of the 30 drawings I have collected from a first grade class:




This is certainly one of the most challenging projects I’ve had! But I’m in this already so there’s no turning back now! Haha. I will post my final ones along with these so you can all see the final results of this challenge! lol 

I don’t remember if I shared these with you already and forgive me if I did but, here are few of my recent layouts:




And one last thing. I just want to show you the new gadget I’ve added to my “To Buy” list:

gadgetI really, really want this! It’s awesome for all scrap-bookers and other creatives! Check out the short video for this awesome gadget:  The Multi-Touch Bamboo Touch.

Ok, folks that’s it for now. I hope you are all doing great! I will visit your blogs soon, I pinky promise! Lol! 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by!

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Hello friends! Well, I’ve been trying to enjoy these last days of warm weather. Yesterday we went out to eat some ice-cream with the kiddos. And what was supposed to be a nice peaceful family outing resulted in disappointment for me because my two oldest constantly argue back and forth and they seem to always be bored! No matter where we go or what we do, “it’s boring” for them! I don’t know but, I hope this stage goes by fast because they drive me crazy. And our family trips or outings result in calling each other names, upset faces, bored faces, nagging and argg… it drives me crazy most of the times. I try to ignore it sometimes, I do, I really do, but, there’s times that I just can’t take it! Lol!

Anywho, lol…. here’s a few pics from yesterday:








As you can tell by my oldest son’s face… he was bored!! My daughter didn’t even want to come out in any pictures (like usual). lol.

I would also like to share these pictures that I have taken for one of my photo classes (Color II). We have to shoot 3 different still life shots using the color wheel. One of the shots is analogous, which is the colors that are around a specific color on the color wheel…. and this is my shot for that one:


I have different similar versions of this shot. I am not sure if I’ll use this one for the analogous category. The other categories are complementary and triad. I got the shots for those already:





Tomorrow I will be making large (13×19) prints of these for the crit on Thursday. Anyhow, I had a little bit of time last night before bed to make this page, and I used a quote (unknown author) which has been my motto and my thought for my photo assignments, projects, and for my very own personal shots… 


“A photograph should be like an unfinished sentence. There should be space for questions!”


Enjoy your Sunday and the coming week & thanks for stopping by!