I’ve been wanting to stop by to share all the things going on with me but, like usual…. I can’t find the time! I guess is a good thing to be busy but, sometimes I feel as if I want my “stay at home” days back! I’m really happy with everything that has been going on lately and among all, I feel very grateful! My life as a photographer has taken a toll… I finally got my photo degree last week! I thought I would never say this but, it’s oing to feel strange not being in a photo class, on a critique room,  in the photo lab, around other photo friends, etc… I’ll miss those days….but regardless… I’m happy! I hardly have any time for myself lately! Not a good thing… no time for scrapbooking, no time for painting, art journaling, or mixed media projects! Not fun…. the only fun thing I do  is to take photos, capture moments and record memories for wonderful people! Fun.But,  I would like to do the other fun stuff, too! I’m grateful though… yes indeedy! Very grateful! God’s been good to me and has been with me from the get-go…. Oh yes. Now a days I hang out here, and  if you would like to see more of my work, please join my Facebook Page, here.  Have a nice day everyone!