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Hello friends! Well, I’ve been trying to enjoy these last days of warm weather. Yesterday we went out to eat some ice-cream with the kiddos. And what was supposed to be a nice peaceful family outing resulted in disappointment for me because my two oldest constantly argue back and forth and they seem to always be bored! No matter where we go or what we do, “it’s boring” for them! I don’t know but, I hope this stage goes by fast because they drive me crazy. And our family trips or outings result in calling each other names, upset faces, bored faces, nagging and argg… it drives me crazy most of the times. I try to ignore it sometimes, I do, I really do, but, there’s times that I just can’t take it! Lol!

Anywho, lol…. here’s a few pics from yesterday:








As you can tell by my oldest son’s face… he was bored!! My daughter didn’t even want to come out in any pictures (like usual). lol.

I would also like to share these pictures that I have taken for one of my photo classes (Color II). We have to shoot 3 different still life shots using the color wheel. One of the shots is analogous, which is the colors that are around a specific color on the color wheel…. and this is my shot for that one:


I have different similar versions of this shot. I am not sure if I’ll use this one for the analogous category. The other categories are complementary and triad. I got the shots for those already:





Tomorrow I will be making large (13×19) prints of these for the crit on Thursday. Anyhow, I had a little bit of time last night before bed to make this page, and I used a quote (unknown author) which has been my motto and my thought for my photo assignments, projects, and for my very own personal shots… 


“A photograph should be like an unfinished sentence. There should be space for questions!”


Enjoy your Sunday and the coming week & thanks for stopping by!