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So today I cleaned, uncluttered, cooked, and went to the gym! I am beat! For some reason Friday work-outs are so hard, I tend to drag during my work outs. Anywho, I wanted to stop by and blog a bit about random things on my mind right now!

I’ve had this book on my night stand for weeks now:


But haven’t made time for it! And now the movie is out and I still haven’t read the book! 😦 I heard wonderful things about this book, maybe tonight….


I got these prints on the mail yesterday and these goodies (below) have been on my desk for the past couple of months:


Both make me so happy! Now I have new pictures and new scrapbooking supplies to play with! Yayyyy! Tomorrow we will be going to Splash Zone again and Sunday we are planning to go to the movies!

Oh yes and Monday I have my first “official” family photo shoot! I’m so excited about it! And speaking of photo shoots, I had a wonderful photo shoot with this beautiful girl! Check her out here too! Shooting on the beach was one of my goals since I could remember… lol. I finally got to do it this week! Yay! 

I am finally feeling the anticipation of going back to school this fall! I was not really looking forward to it but, lately I have been getting excited about it! I have 9 days until classes begin! Wow. This summer didn’t feel very much like summer to me. It went by to quick! My kids also start school and I have a new challenge coming up with my daughter…. she is being homeschooled. She actually asked for it. It’s her senior year in H.S. and she wants to finish her H.S. years at home!!! I’m telling you… my daughter is NOT like other girls her age. She is one special and unique teen-ager! Oh boy! 

So what about you? What’s on your mind? What are your weekend plans? As for me…. I’m going to cuddle up in bed with some hot chocolate and start reading!! Have a blessed weekend!