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Hello friends. Today I slept ’till 10 a.m. and woke up with a whole lot of energy and motivation as well! Which is why today I wanted to blog about a few changes we have in mind.

We are considering moving some time within the next year. We have a few states in mind but, nothing precise yet. Is a big step and we want to make the right decision and therefore we don’t want to rush it. We are looking into states that would help my photography business rise. Any suggestions?

Another school year is almost here and with that in mind, I would like to organize myself a bit! Too many things have been going on this summer with me… some good but some not so good! I feel I need to re-organize my life! I feel like I need a change! One change I want to make is within my home. I need to paint, re-decorate, throw things out and bring new things into the home. I have not been giving attention to my home lately  like I should be. I’ve been so busy trying to promote and organize my photography business this summer that I have neglected the fact that my home needs attention. 

There’s times when I feel really positive and excited about the changes that have been occurring and those changes that I want to make but, there’s days when I don’t feel very good about things. I know… it probably doesn’t make any sense to you all but, trust me when I say this: I really, really need a Change! Lol! 

Today though, I’m feeling very positive and good about the first changes I would like to make. And that is in my home! Starting with this room:




This is the room I spend most of my days in. I love being in here and I would like to start in here! I know it looks a little disorganized but, actually is not. The changes I want to make here are small but at the same time obvious enough for me to want to make them. I want to make things more functional! My dad gave me this table when I went to NYC with the chairs:



It is very functional. I love it. It’s much better than what I had before. I have not used this table yet and I can’t wait to take the time to create some layouts here! I will post pictures of the progress…. for sure!

On the business side of things, I have a few photo shoots before the summer ends and a wedding in October. The business is growing slowly and not as fast as I would like it to grow. So I am considering looking for a part time job… maybe? Not so sure though! I Know there’s times when I am discouraged but I know that the economy is the main reason for this. I am hoping things will change soon! Or maybe things will REALLY change after I move… hehe! 🙂 

So here’s the first part of my “Change” List! 🙂 More personal and intimate changes need to happen in my life as well…. more on that maybe another day!

Have a nice week and thanks for stopping by!