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My kids had a great time in NYC this time! They spent lots of time with cousins they had not seen in a while and a few that they had not even met. They also got to go out more than usual. We saw a lot of family members this time around! It was a lot of fun!











golf Rubencito 2

golf Rubencito

Golf Dariel

Oh yes… many pics to scrapbook! LOL! I also had a couple of photoshoots and you may check those out here and here. Or you can also visit my website or my photoblog here!

I saw my dad and it seems like he hasn’t been feeling very well lately. He hardly has any energy to do anything. He forces himself to take a few walks a few times a week but, his body just hurts too much sometimes and lacks the energy to even get up from bed. I am so scared to think about what’s coming these following months…. It really makes me very sad and scared at the same time.  I hate the thought that his health might be getting worst! Please keep us in your prayers.


On another note, I just want to share with you all that I’ve been keeping up my workouts (except for last week—when I was in NY) and I have to say that I am feeling great! I haven’t really lost much, maybe a couple of pounds but, I must say that I feel so different. I know that is going to take a while before I or anyone else for that matter, can see the results! But I am determined and I am getting so hooked on those classes and my work outs! Sometimes is very discouraging when I don’t see fast results but, I keep going… you know why? Because I FEEL GREAT! LOL!

Fall semester is almost here! I can’t believe that this summer break is almost over! 😦  I believe I only have about 3 weeks left before the chaos starts all over again! LOL. I’m still excited about classes though! He-he! I must try to get a few layouts done before classes begin, time is running out…. hehe…!


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week and weekend!