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Around here it hasn’t really felt very much like summer. I feel like it’s going way too fast for me and the kids. The weather keeps changing from 60 degrees to 85 degrees. It’s driving me nuts and this little guy too! Anyhow, I got some trips planed for what’s left of the summer. I need to have these kids out more regardless of the (oldest two kids’) complaints, such as “being too hot”, or ” too cold to be outside”. This mom has set her foot down!!! LOL! So yes, more trips to the parks, pools, farm, baseball games, theme parks, libraries, out on the town, etc.

After having a few bitter/sweet moments these past few days, these words create a sense of peace and love in me, reminding me that He is in control of every situation. Three more words I worked on for this challenge.




My favorite one is the third one. The scripture really speaks to me! I’m currently working on more of these cards and these, too!

I’m also excited about my new prime lens… the one hubby ordered for me as part of our anniversary the other day! I hope it arrives today and not later than tomorrow (fingers crossed). My recent zoom lens is just too heavy which makes me think twice about carrying my camera with me every time.  I really want to capture life and it’s wonderful moments without worrying about how heavy it is! I can’t wait!

One more thing before leaving, I wanted to let you know that I have created a page for my business on Facebook… here. If you have a Facebook account you could become a fan and get updates on my business and see my latest photos and portfolio as well. Please sign in your FB account and join by clicking where it says: “become a fan“. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a glorious day!