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I am feeling so good today! Yesterday I did 2 hrs. of workout at the gym. Boy, do I love those classes! The POWER class is a 60 minute barbell program which strengthens all your major muscles in a motivating group environment with great music! And the GROOVE class is all about dancing in a workout sort of way, lol ; styles include house, techno, disco, rock-n-roll, hip hop, rap & r&b for urban, and the latin includes samba, salsa and merengue!!! I did both of these classes yesterday and I am amazed at the fact that I am not feeling tired or that sore today, I am actually full of energy. I could feel the results but I am hoping to see some results soon!

Today’s plans: Clean around the house, vaccuum, go grocery shopping and then later we are planning to go to the movies this evening with hubby and the kids. Hubby, Jazmine, Ruben and I want to go see this movie. We love action and suspense movies! Then we plan to take our little six year old buddy to see this one.

Today has been such a productive day. I woke up about five am, worked on some photos, uploaded them, did some dishes that were left from last night, and managed to scrapbook these two pages:



My, time flies! This young man is 13 years old already! Wow! It finally hit me…. I have a teen boy at home! Jeezzzz, lol. So anyhow, back to my house duties and some fun later tonight! Have a nice Saturday everyone! Thanks for passing by!