I try not to think about it but, when I do I just can’t stop crying and thinking:


My dad has bone cancer and there’s nothing they could do about it…. it hurts to know that this will be the cause of his death and that he is right now living life wondering how many days are left. It hurts to know that his mind and body will change to the worst. It hurts to know that I will be seeing him in terrible pain…


I am so scared of that moment, I can’t stop thinking about the years when I was a little girl and my dad was young and healthy…. I’m really scared for what is waiting for us in the future days, no one knows how scared I really am….


Yes, he has made many mistakes in the past… but, he only gave what he was taught to give… he loves the way he was loved…. and I still love him, and I’m going to miss him so much….


My prayer is that God may extend his days for many years, my prayer is that He may slow the process, I’m so sad and scared…..