I am just so happy that summer is arriving! I have been waiting a long time for this, I really need the break. May 21st is my graduation! How exciting! And a great achievement for me. Of course this is not the end of my education. There’s more to learn and new tasks to take on!

This summer I will be taking a 3 day class, Wedding Photography and a Rotoscoping class. I am excited, specially for the wedding photo class since I would love to shoot weddings. I think this would lead me to a good start! I’m also planning to make a trip to NYC again soon, to meet my new nephew and to visit my father as well! And towards the end of the summer, maybe around August, I am planning a trip to Texas, to visit my BF. I really can’t wait for that.

So many plans this summer for me! Just thought I’d update you all. I would like to thank those that have sent me and my dad good wishes towards my dad’s health. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers and in your minds!

I would like to wish all the mother’s in the world a lovely Mother’s Day tomorrow! Oh, and yes! Today is my little boy’s birthday and we’re off to celebrate in a bit! Pictures next time, I promise!’Till later…

Thanks for stopping by!