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We had this “mini” portfolio review this Friday. A few people from American Greetings and other instructors came over to review and critique our portfolio. This is not the final thing, it was sort of a “practice” review for when we have the REAL review coming this May! Many art directors and potential employers come to view our work and, who knows, get hired! Lol! Anyhow, it actually went pretty well. Not as bad as I expected. I’ve been so busy with this the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to polish the work I have so far. I’m still not done but, I will by May, including my website. It’s been very nerve-racking!  Every reviewer was nice aboutmy work. This one guy took my phone number down. His company is expanding and will be opening a design department in advertising and marketing. He said he will be contacting me later on. He loved my work! Someone other than my husband….ACTUALLY, liked my work!!!! LOL. I was so happy. I am really motivated now to finish polishing and working even harder to have a final good portfolio. One in which I want to feel good and proud about, one which I will not be embarrased to show! LOL!

I just wanted to share this with you guys! Thank you  to all of those who have wished me the best and sent good vibes over my way! They worked!

Have a wonderful coming week!