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I just want to make a quick update on my life! I’ve been working hard like usual with my projects in school. I’m also working on a portfolio for a job as an intern at American Greetings for this summer! I can’t wait. I hope they call me. I really need to start going. I’m beginning to see possibilities of some freelance work as well which is keeping me very busy making contracts and coming up with photo packages for clients and building my website, too. I’m also working on a few crafty projects at home. I have no idea when I’ll be done with them since the days for me are super busy now. I have a few books I started reading also but, not been able to finish, again…. time!

I’m on spring break but, it won’t seem like it is since I have to work on my interactive media portfolio! Sometimes I think I will go insane before this semester is over! But I keep saying to myself: “All the effort will be for the better, keep going, don’t stop now….“! Lol!

One good news is, that my daughter went to an acting audition and there were hundreds of kids between the ages of 4 and 17 trying out and only 10% or so are actually called back. One of them was my daughter!!! I’m so happy for her. She wants to be an actress. She was super excited. She needs to go to training in six months! We’ll see how that goes!



Also, I wanted to share the condition on my dad. He had a few tests done and the levels were very high. Meaning that, we might think that the cancer came back after being cured 5 years ago. It seems like is back. More tests must be done to make a final diagnose. I am praying to God that things come back well and that God makes a miracle! Please keep praying for that. I think what makes it worse for me is that he lives in NY and I can’t see him often. I feel like I need to catch up on things and spend more time with him before anything really bad happens! I feel so helpless…

Anyway, this is it for now. I will be taking a break today from school work so that I may have strength and a refreshed mind for this week of “portfolio work”! LOL. I leave you with my youngest son’s photos waiting to be scrapped! He was working on his master piece! He loves painting and getting his artistic side going! Have a nice weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!