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Thanks Vani, for allowing me to take photos of your precious babies! It was a pleasure!







Had a little mini photo shoot with my friend/almost sister Vanilda of her beautiful kids yesterday! That was fun! I had never done toddlers before specially teething little toddlers…that was a challenge! Lol… but fun indeed!

Today I went to a scrap crop where my photo class friend works at. I got to use this wonderful machine which cuts all sorts of fun cute shapes, letters and numbers. I want to get it so bad. I know all my scrapbooking problems will be solved if I owned one of these! lol. 🙂 I have to add it to my wish list! Loved it. That’s all I did, honestly, cut shapes! Oh yes, and I got Ali Edward’s book and these, too.

Anyhow, these coming weeks are going to be the worst ever for me! I have tons of projects I have to fix and polish for my portfolio prep class (mid term) assignment. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do in just that one class! But I can’t complain, right? I knew this was coming…

So my lovely faithful readers (:) ) I will continue to be out for a few weeks, only posting in between breaks–if any! Have a lovely wonderful rest of the weekend and remember to take time out to be creative in whatever form you wish! Bye!