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Today I’ve been at home with hubby enjoying some movies and eating in bed the first hours of the morning! We watched this movie. Oh my gosh! I just loved this movie so much! So inspiring and perfect for a couple to watch together on this special day! Later I will be making a nice dinner for hubby and enjoy the rest of the evening together! How about you? What have you done on this special day? Remember that, you don’t have to have a special someone, all you need to do today is give love to those around you; friends, family, colleges, etc. This day is the day to celebrate LOVE… just love in general! So give all your love to those around you!

Moving on to other matters, I have started my own home business as an Independent Consultant for a health and wellness company called Arbonne. It is an amazing skin care company that has something for everyone. The first time I tried them I just fell in love with these products and at the same time, I became interested in selling the products myself! Now, I am not the best sales person in the world nor I like this type of business! Sales is not my type of career! But I must say that, I loved the products so much that I know that I could sell something that I honestly and truly love! I don’t have to lie or exaggerate about these products. I mean, all  I have to do is recommend them.That’s all.


The best thing about them is that they are 100% botanically based, vegan certified, formulated in Switzerland and made in the U.S.A. Products include specific lines for: cosmetics, anti-aging, hydration & radiance, detox, basic facial cleansing, aromatherapy, weight loss & Nutrition. Theres stuff for men, women, teens, babies, and seniors! I really love them. I will be hosting a Spa Party soon!! I’m really excited about this!


Sorry, but I had to let out some of my excitement here on my blog! This is the place for me to release my emotions! Tee-hee.

Anyhow, I came across this video the other day. It is so funny and I totally can relate. Specially on those days when I have woken up feeling so….so…. like…. urgg…like blah…. you know? Sort of like how this little boy was feeling after coming out of the dentist’s office! And I must say, I don’t have to have a dentist’s visit in order to feel like this! Lol. Anywho,I thought I shared it with all of you! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!