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Look at this wonderful award that was given to me by my dear online scrapper friend Julie!


I am so happy she even thought of me! Lol. She’s such a wonderful caring person! Thanks Julie!!

Okay and with this award I must share with you all my 5 addictions!!!! lol….Here I go:

  1. Photography! (go figure!, lol)
  2. Scrapbooking (I wish I had all day to play with photos and paper! )
  3. Mixed Media Art (art journals, art, paint, gesso, brushes, paper, collaging, etc….)
  4. Computers!!!! Macs to be exact! (love browsing about art, scrapbooking and photography)
  5. CHOCOLATE! (yum).
  6. And I will break the rules by adding one more……….. the most important one: God!

So now I nominate….(drum roll please…..) this award goes to:

  • Trish — my new online friend. I pass it down to her because she is an honest, caring and a very talented person! She’s a wonderful sketcher, too!
  • Carmen — Because she is so motivational, inspiring, loving and loyal! Yes!!! She is! I love her so. She’s real, folks! And…She’s a real mermaid!! Go check her out! Carmen thank you for your sweet words and your wonderful friendship!
  • Ruby Claire — Ladies, not only is she talented, inspiring, gorgeous but she’s only 14! So young and yes… full of CREATIVITY! Please check out her blog, I’m sure you will become addicted to it!
  • Michelle — because she is just so talented! I always look up to her and her creations for inspo! She sometimes sounds like me…lol…her mind so busy with ideas! Thanks Michelle for sharing your art with everyone!
  • Milliande — There’s no words to describe how much she has changed my thoughts about art! For the better of course! She has taught me so many things and techniques through her videos! I love her style, her personality and her willingness to share with the world her passion for mixed media! Thanks a lot!





Holy Moly! 4 Awards in one day! I received these by my wonderful friend/mermaid Carmen! Lol. Thanks again Carmen! So I guess I’m supposed to pass them on and post seven things I like, right? Ok!

  1. Nature (reminds me of God!)
  2. True Friendships (in good times and in bad)
  3. Love and Romance (sigh!)
  4. Chocolate (again!)
  5. Coffee (with a nice warm bread or some crackers)
  6. Poems/Quotes (they make me travel to different magical places)
  7. My life! (with all my struggles and all the complications that come with…yes, I still love my life!)

And I pass these awards to the same wonderful bloggers above and I’ll add these other wonderful gals:

  • Julie — a loyal and caring SISta!
  • Deana — a wonderful fashionista gal!

I hope you all can play along….Passing on the love to people who deserve all these awards! Yes? Oh yes, please! Hugs to you all!