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Just a quick post to show my take on this challenge. I’ve decided to use index cards throughout this challenge for the year.


Today, I spend the first few hours of the morning blog hoping visiting and reading and entering in some wonderful giveaways! Fun, fun, fun! Then in the afternoon, I went to my English class. We are reading Hemingway’s Short stories. It feels weird. I hadn’t been in an actual lecture class without a computer in front of  me for a while! Anyhow, I also watched a little of  the inaguration on TV. I am really proud of Obama! Yay!

I got to order my books. After searching and searching I ended up with ordering at Amazon. I have other books and nick-nacks I would like to purchase later on just for fun. I have so many things in mind right now…good things! I also have a surprise for you guys. But I can’t share it, yet! I will give you a hint: It’s the beginning (I hope) for one of my goals to become a reality.

Anyhow, Earlier in the evening my sister came to visit for a while. We talked, ate, and had some coffee. I saw my nephew which I hadn’t seen in weeks! That was fun. And now I’m off to get my beauty rest! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!