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I feel much better today. Well the truth is, I am forced to feel better. I realize that there’s always going to be difficulties and struggles throughout this life journey so I have to adjust my mind to it and just try to look at the good and positive things! And so yesterday, I readjusted my mind a bit and began to see the future in a brighter way. I feel better about my classes, too. I know that it’s going to be tough this semester but, I will try my best and harder this time around to do well. Last semester I did pretty well. Three A’s and two B’s. This semester I have a Film and Video class, English Literature class, Web class, Photography class and Portfolio Preparation class. Every class’s syllabus looks intense and I could tell you now…… Hardcore stuff!!! lol. But I am not a quitter, I will continue trusting my Lord…..

I don’t have any other stuff to share. I’ve been busy trying to go back into a crazy schedule but, I’m hoping to take time this weekend to play with my toys! I look forward to that! Have a nice day my loyalful readers….(lol) and enjoy your coming weekend!