Yes. It’s one of those days. Today there’s no pictures to share. No journal pages. No scrapbook pages. No art. Nothing fun. Just myself!

I’ve been feeling “down” for the past two days. I really don’t like to write things like these in here but, I know that if I don’t express myself with someone or some other way I will continue feeling this way for days. And I don’t even have the energy to express it in a creative way. So this blog will have to do. I have to let it out or else I won’t feel any better for days. It’s hard to explain. Too many things going on. I try to trust God and believe but things seem to go the opposite way. I have no energy to keep fighting. I feel that I have to surrender. I mean really surrender to Him. We have nothing else to do! What is it that He wants from us? What path or road to take? I don’t know. And that’s the hard part. That’s what’s making me feel this way. I don’t understand many things. I want to understand. But I don’t and maybe I never will. Did we do something wrong? I sure hope not. I need God more than ever. I feel I need a change. A new place to live…another state? Maybe. I wish we (Hubby, kids and me) could just take all our stuff and start new somewhere else. But it’s not that easy, is it? No, it’s not. So what else is there for me to do? Wait. Pray. Wait. And keep praying and keep waiting until finally those doors of opportunity open up. I know I’m probably not being clear to you. And I’m sorry for that. And  sorry for not posting a better, more uplifting post. But I wanted to be real. Honest. Just be myself. I guess we all have days like these, right? I think I’ll feel better now. Thanks for reading. Maybe next time I’ll have more energy and I’ll be more creative and positive with my post!