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This was the view from my porch yesterday morning! Yikes! First real snow of the year!


This shows how much snow we had, almost up to his hips! Up to Dariel’s thighs to be exact!


Hubby and sons went out to shovel the driveway. And they had a little fun playing with the snow before this beautiful view turned into an ugly, dirty, mooshie mess!



Oh, and I must add that this little guy…..


… worked really hard!



Lol! My poor little guy! He went out with these thin sweat pants. His sister gave him the clothing and I thought she had actually given him thermal pants or some other pants to wear under them! She didn’t! But he was having to much fun, he didn’t care if his legs froze! And I was freaking out, of course!

But on to another matter. I spent the day playing around with some photos:





And yesterday I started this challenge. (Front and Back of each card):



I received my 7 Gypsies ATC card holder. I can’t wait to fill these up. By the end of the year I should have 52 inspiring cards with bible verses around this beauty!



I had never done ATC’s before. It was fun to make these. I wanted to keep going but, decided it’ was better to do it the right way for now and so I moved on to other things! Like cleaning, cooking, chatting with my mom on the phone and meditating on next week’s tasks! Which by the way, classes start tomorrow! I’m not feeling too excited about that. I don’t know why. I really hate starting this new semester this way. I must try to get excited about my classes otherwise I know I’ll be in big trouble by the middle of the semester. I will be graduating… but I’m not too excited, I don’t know why. I just hope this week my attitude changes. I must try to stay focused. I have to! This also means that I will be less online blogging or reading other blogs. So please excuse me if I’m absent for days… yes? I knew you wold understand! Lol! Any how, this is it for now. Have a wonderful day (evening?). And thanks for stopping by!