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Oh, yes! I’m ready to start this year with challenges! I have narrowed down to 4 challenges that I will commit this year:

  1. His Holy Name : A great way to study the Word and be creative with it! I will do them using ATC’s. Yesterday I ordered the 7 Gypsies Artist Trading Card Revolving Holder with a pack of refill tags so that I could hold my ATC’s in a nice decorative way! I can’t wait to get these!
  2. Creative Therapy : These catalysts may be done with art, scrapbooking, photography, or any other creative way as a form of self-therapy. I will most likely be using my art journal for these.
  3. Scrap Your Day : You guys know about this one already. On the 25th of every month for 12 months I will take pictures of my day and then scrap about it in a small spiral journal.
  4. Scrapping Across the Universe : This one is for scrapbooking. My dear friend Deana mentioned and suggested that I join them to play with their challenges. So today I started with #6 and #1 for me…


This one was so much fun to make. And for the month of January, I will be using these Art Journal Prompts by Milliande and for art journaling with the soul I will go here for inspiration. Oh yes, it feels so good to be a creative busy bee for a little bit! And I’m considering joining in the fun here once a month, and sometimes I will go play here and here! Oh yes, indeedy! Lol.

And before leaving, do you guys remember the mom song? Well I found this one… and is hillarious! Check it out:

Thanks for stopping by! Have fun creating!