I have many but here’s the list so far, in no specific order:

  1. Become a better photographer
  2. Do freelance work
  3. Build my own website
  4. Graduate
  5. Continue with my other degree
  6. Get in an Internship program
  7. Buy more camera gadgets
  8. Buy an Epson printer
  9. Create more scrapbooking layouts
  10. Create more / art journal
  11. Become part of a Design Team
  12. Get published
  13. Read more
  14. Loose weight (of course I had to include it) šŸ™‚
  15. Finish remodeling my home
  16. Be more confident about my work
  17. Participate in different challenges (and stick to them, complete them!)
  18. Visit my BFF in Texas
  19. Visit my family in NYC and hubby’s family in the Dominican Republic
  20. Get organized – financially, spiritually, physically and in all areas of my life!

And the two most important ones for me:

  • Become a better christian
  • Be a better wife and mother

I know that if I keep going and not give up I will accomplish at least more than half of the list above.


This year I want to keep in mind that if I were to fall at any given time, I will lift myself up. Winners are those who rise up again after a fall, not those that fall and stay down! I will keep fighting because God has made me a fighter, a person who doesn’t quit. I’ve seen it in the past. Many times when I was about to give up and ready to throw in the towel . He has been there! Always willing to lift me up and give me strength. I am living proof. God has given me and my family the provision, the strength and the wisdom to find our way out.

So, without any more to say, for now, lol…. I will like leave with these two layouts I did yesterday. Thanks for visiting.