I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! I did. I don’t know if you guys are aware but, in my culture we open presents on Christmas eve (midnight, to be exact). So Christmas eve is our Christmas! The celebration starts early on the 24th, we share time together, make tons of food, we eat, listen to music, we dance, drink, and eat some more….lol. This day is all about celebrating with family, friends and neighbors. Christmas Day is a day when everyone rests, and just enjoy time together and we eat some more, he-he, the kids play with their new toys, and adults just take it easy and share family stories. We, meaning my family, do all of the above except drink and dance. Last night was different, though. We watched movies, ate a nice dinner, and waited until it was time to open our presents. It was different. But nice!







Today, we had a family day as well. We watched a few episodes of season 7 of Smallville (the present above). I’m really hooked on this show….lol. We ate left overs from yesterday (yum), had coffee with crackers, and we rested! Again, it was nice! LOL.

Sorry for the poor lighting of the pictures, I don’t like using flash and the lighting was bad. I took the pictures anyway because I wanted to record this unusual Christmas for us! Click here to see more pictures. Have a wonderful night and thanks again, for stopping by!