I’ve been busy with my family visiting from NY. It was a little chaos with everyone here but, I was very happy. I haven’t had time to do much other than putting up the Christmas tree (a little late, I know), and cleaning around the house with my mom’s  help. I feel beat and restless due to a cold but, I can’t wait to start doing some fun things with my “toys“, like my family were saying….. yup, they called my art supplies and crafts toys! They sure are and they make me very happy!!!

Anyhow, this Christmas is going to be a little strange for us. We usually spend it with my family either they come from NY or we go. But this time it’ll be just hubby, my kids and I! I will be making a nice dinner, maybe watch some movies and enjoy each other. What about you? How will you be spending your Christmas? Remember it’s all about being together and celebrating Jesus birth!