….for Thanksgiving! Yesss… What are your plans? My plans are to stay home with my family cooking a wonderful meal and giving thanks for many things! I am so thankful for this year even though it’s been tough I am still very thankful for it. This year has brought so many experiences for me. I’ve learned so much from the good, the bad and yes… the ugly!

Every experience in our lives is a life lesson. Whether we laugh or cry, life’s experiences make us grow. It allows for us to become who we are. It molds us to whom we are to become, it makes us who we are! Oh yes. Life is wonderful.

I am also so thankful for my family. My husband. My children. My mom, dad and siblings. My nieces and nephews! I am thankful for the love and peace which sorrounds me.

I am thankful for so many things…. but most of all I am thankful because a new year is coming… new blessings are coming my way, I know it. I can feel it!

Oh yeah, I am thankful for this…



And NO! This is not my ultrasound! Lol. It’s my brother’s girlfriend! My younger brother is going to be a dad next year! They both wanted me to make a page for them with the ultrasound pictures. Lol. Fooled ya didn’t I? Lol.

Anyhow, this year has gone so fast. I can’t believe it’s almost over! But oh yeah, I can’t wait for 2009 to arrive! So before I go to bed I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, but most of all don’t forget the reason behind this holiday and the true reason why we gather around the table and celebrate this day.

And with that thought I leave you with this image I’ve been working on!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!