3041807376_9b04c8d809A few photos and people inspiring me right now! I had to include my daughter, she’s an inspiration to me and my photograph ideas! I love her! (P.S. the blank one is because the photographer doesn’t allow just anyone to see it).

Oh, oh… yes… and….


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I’m really looking forward for this year’s Christmas… I think I’m going to be baking cookies, making holiday crafts, lights, Christmas decor, games, traditional food specialties, Oh yeah, this year will be different in my home…. that’s for sure! Lol.

This week I’m going to force myself to create something. I made an appointment with my creativity this weekend! Yes, I will make time for the fun things in life… the things which make me happy and complete! So many things to do but I’ve promised to make time for those things and people in my life which make me feel good and happy! I will no longer make excuses for creativity and fun! And I want to plan to go see these:


Even though I haven’t read the book, my daughter says it’s an awesome book. (She read all 4 books) Now we want to go watch this movie, and eventually it’ll motivate me to read the books, ha! Lol! And the movie below, Is a must for us to go watch!


Okay guys, back to work now…. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post! Don’t forget to leave a comment.