I always do it around this time…. why? I don’t know! I need to do things… I have to get working! I feel I wasted this weekend. The only productive thing I did was to go to church! Yes, I did. This morning we went to church. I needed that this morning. My spirit needed to hear some spiritual guidance, I needed some spiritual strength and motivation! Yup, and I got it! Now I’m at home wanting to do anything else but what I HAVE to do!

I’ve been wanting to grab one of the many books I have at home and read, I can’t make up my mind which one to read! So I just won’t read…not good! I need to scrapbook and make art, but when I grab my goodies, I feel guilty! Guilty because I should be doing other things instead! Oh Lord! I must snap out of this! I must get to work…. I just got a few more weeks left and I’ll get a break for at least a few weeks before it starts all over! My brain hurts..lol, really, it does… too many things going on in this little brain right now!

Again, just some random thoughts…


After posting the above, I decided to do something so I reorganized my things a bit until we put up the shelves in my studio…




Still messy but not as much!Lol! It will get better and better in this room, I promise! Lol!