Hello there. I’ve been absent for a few days, I know. I’m trying to keep up with all the work and stuff going on in my life! Lol. From doctor’s appointments, to house work, to projects and assignments! I don’t like to not blog for extended days because for me blogging is a way to record, express myself and share important things in my life. I also do it because it gives me the sense of satisfaction when I write things down, it gives me something to hold on to, something to look back on. Blogging is also a way for me to keep memories alive in my mind. I’ve also wondered about you guys, the people who actually stop by this blog to read my thoughts… and the reasons why you blog, if you do? I, like I said do this because I chose to share a little bit of me and my life with those who read, anonymously or not so anonymously , and for myself so that I have a written down record of my thoughts and the different time era’s in my life!

And speaking of time era’s…..I did the “Maybe Another Time” assignment photo shoots this past weekend. The 1960’s photo shoot didn’t go that well. My sweet daughter was not cooperating very much and I was so upset that I literary had to go upstairs in my room and cry, out of frustration!!!! Arggg! I got a few shots but not what I wanted! On the other hand, the 1920’s shots came out much better. I got many nice ones to choose from. Yay…Lol. As soon as I edit them I promise that’ll post them up for all you guys to see.

Anyhow, I took the following shots the other night and came up with these Dyptics. I just can’t decide which ones I like the best? Which ones do you guys like?

dyptic-2dyptic-3dyptic-4finaldyptic1Also, I’ve been playing around with these…






I just love vintage things! Don’t you?

Have you guys realized that there’s only a few weeks away before Christmas and the new year? I’ve been wondering what the new year holds for me and my family. I think that next year many wonderful changes will occur for my family. For one, I will start my career going… I will start putting my knowledge in practice and I will not be afraid to do so! This year I will end and put away the “I’m not good enough” thoughts in a closet and never turning back for them! I have plans to build my website, promote myself, and begin to actually get paid for what I love to do and what I have worked so hard for for the past 3 years. I will be graduating at the end of spring with my first degree (Interactive Media)! Yay! Lol… And, of course, I will continue school until I get my Photography degree. I still don’t know how I will use both degrees yet, though. I would love to combine them both somehow and start working somewhere and/or do some freelance work. I’m not sure yet!

Other plans for next year are to create and make things to sell online (and maybe on my forgotten etsy shop). Oh yesssss…so many wonderful things to come! I will keep in mind all the promises God has made me, I will expect great things, wonderful blessings and a prosperous new year! You too. Expect wonderful things, plan ahead and dream…dream BIG!