The weather in this side of the woods has been beautiful. Upper 60’s and 70 degrees today and tomorrow baby! I just love taking advantage of these last days before the winter attack us! lol.




Finding letters everywhere is his new quest! Lol. (“look mommy ‘D‘ for Dariel!”)


…and my choice: Strawberry Shortcake!


I’ve been very busy with my “Maybe Another Time” project. I went to a few vintage stores a couple of days ago looking for a flapper dress and a 60’s dress. This is a fun project but, very time consuming and a little stressful for me. I said to myself that I was going to try to enjoy and try to have fun with it and at the same time do my best! I will hopefully post some pictures and final photos for you guys when is done! lol.

At the same time I’m working on other things as well….

first_panorama1 This shot was done with a combination of multiple photographs and later on converting them into a single one. This was done by standing in the center of the park. Taking a shot of one side of the park. Then turning my body left (or right) and then shooting another picture of that side, then turning my body again in the same direction and taking another shot of that and so on…overlapping the images. I then went to photoshop to create one single image with all the shots. So much fun and very addictive, too….hehe.

I know I said this before but, I really can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas break!! We are planning to spend this Thanksgiving out of town with my mom in NYC. We’ll see….

The past couple of years I haven’t put up a christmas tree or any Christmas decorations since we usually spend it in NY but, this Christmas I really want to get into the spirit! lol. I hope hubby gets to finish my dining room walls. Yes, my friends…. we haven’t had the time to paint the walls yet! That’s how busy both Ruben and I have been. I’m going to try to push ourselves to finish this before Thanksgiving! lol….

Have a wonderful rest of the week and again, thanks for stopping by my blog!