I received Eveline’s art journal yesterday. I’m so excited about this! I still haven’t bought mine but hopefully I will buy it this weekend. This is how it works:

We are a total of 10 women. Each one of us buys a journal. We create 2 or 3 pages each on the first pages and then we ship it out to the next person in line:

(this one is Eveline’s journal)

So we each get to do a page on everyone’s journal and at the end we end up with our own journals full of all our art! So after it has traveled around the country, at the end, we wind up with our own journal full of other 9 talented women whom all have done art and color and fun on the journal! Yesterday I got Eveline’s journal! It was so exciting! I loved her pages! They had a calm and peaceful feel to them! I don’t get tired of looking at them!

And so I did these two pages on her journal:

Quotes read:

  • “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go no where”. (Carl Sagan)
  • “The world is but a canvas to the imagination”. (Henry David Thoreau)

And I’m hoping to ship this to Nolwenn on the weekend. And hopefully buy my journal. It felt good to get my paint, paper, glue and other stuff out to play with. It had been a while.

I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I’m planning to finish a few projects I didn’t get to finish a few weeks back before classes and other things weren’t so hectic and chaotic… lol. Have a beautiful rest of the week my friends!