Boy I miss you guys! I’ve been so busy! This week has been totally crazy! I just hope I don’t loose my senses by the end of the week or the semester for that matter! lol. Seriously! I haven’t had a chance to do anything. I love the thought that I’m going to school and trying to get a degree but, it’s times like these when I wish I wasn’t trying to improve my life this way! Lol. Anyhow, I’ve been shooting pictures like crazy among all the other activities and deadlines I’m trying to meet! I got tons of photos that I need to edit.

I will try to visit your blogs and keep you updated with mine whenever I get the chance, I pinky promise. Thanks for stopping by. Night, night!

My princess: my daughter

My hubby Ruben! lol

My friend Tanya and her beautiful family.

My friend Nataly

My brother George and his girlfriend Emily