Today’s boring schedule!

  • wake up, get ready, drive teenager to school
  • come back home to help my kindergartener get ready for school (clothes, breakfast, find backpack, shoes…etc…)
  • drive son to school.
  • come back home study for tomorrow’s photography class exam
  • read emails
  • go to school (1-5pm)
  • come home prepare dinner
  • help son with his homework
  • read class notes and assignment schedules, work on my own assingments
  • internet (blog, hehe, flickr! lol.)
  • get kids ready for bed
  • go to bed!

Boring… wednesday!

Thursday’s schedule:

  • wake up, get ready, drive teenager to school
  • help my kindergartener get ready for school, clothes, breakfast, shoes, find bookbag…etc…
  • drive son to school.
  • come back home, get camera and equipment ready
  • go to my photo shoot session with Jennifer (thanks Jenny!)
  • Come read emails
  • upload pictures to the mac
  • prepare dinner
  • review for today’s exam!
  • go to class (6-10:40 pm! class with lab)
  • come home / bedtime!

I hope you all can understand why I’m beginning to be absent from my blog. Truth is I can’t seem to find the time as much as I used to. And that’s not to mention, time for art things! I’ve started a few projects but, haven’t gotten the time to finish them. I thank God each day for Ruben, my sons and my daughter who help so much while mommy goes and gets an education and Daddy works all day, coming home at 11:30 pm every night. Ruben’s the best! He supports me 100%. He works so hard just so that I don’t have to. He wants me to get my degree and motivates me when I’m about to give up! I love him! My daughter helps to pick up my youngest son whenever I can’t. She gives him snack, helps him with his homework and serves his dinner while I go to school and she even serves as a referee when my two sons get at it. I feel blessed although sometimes, I feel really bad for being out so many hours during the week and not just physically That’s why Sundays we try to do as much together as a family. I know this will end soon and all the sacrifice will pay off at the end! I keep holding on to God’s promises for me and my family!

I hope to show you guys what I’ve been doing lately (besides school stuff lol). I started two paintings and began my first altered book. I hope to post pictures of my process (this weekend, I hope). Oh yes, I got a new camera lens! Soooo glad and happy for that! Oh yeah and I started sewing. My mom showed me the basics. I’m practicing but I’m not quiet there yet! lol. I also started a quotes mini-book. I just hope to find the time to get these done soon! Lol. But overall…. I’m happy! Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by ‘yall!