A quick post before leaving to class. Yesterday we went to the Westside Market with my photo class. Then we went to Dodd’s. Our teacher wanted to show us around and talk to us more about lighting and studio techniques. It was kind of fun but a little bit tiring…lol.

But going back to the Westside Market… I just want to say that this market not only has fresh fruits and vegetables, oh no… they have meats, herbs, seafood, you name it, they have it! I used to go there a lot to buy veggies and fruits and sometimes meat but, for some reason I stopped buying there. After visiting yesterday I realize that I should probably be going back to purchase my fresh and delightful fruits and veggies! lol.

And of course we had to take advantage of this, so we took our toys out and we started playing around with them doing our ‘thang’! lol

Happy Saturday everyone. Thanks for stopping by. More exciting things and art stuff coming soon. I promise! đŸ™‚