It’s almost the middle of the semester and things are getting very hectic here for me with assignments and other personal things going on at home. I do promise to blog whenever I can. But honestly? I would rather be blogging, playing around with my photos and making art than doing assignments! But shhhh, don’t tell! Lol.

I’ve been busy with this room lately. Here’s another peek at how the room looks with my desk, computer and other things inside. Things are not organized yet, but I’m working on it (whenever I can manage some extra time). I’m hoping to get this done soon because I want to get started on a few ideas that have been running through my head.

Meanwhile, I went to the thrift store and got some storage little “thingies” (lol) for this room. I love these. The best thing is I only spend about $6! I got this great Travel thick book which I’m planning to use most of the pages for scrapbooking and mixed media. The pages have these awesome maps from all over the world! Love it! Then I’m going to alter the book. I’ve never done an altered book but I will give it a try. I also got the sewing patterns for less than a buck.

I know I don’t know how to sew but I’m hoping my dear mom will teach me the basics before she goes back to NYC. I love her!

Anyhow, I also went and got these colorful baskets and other goodies at the dollar store. I don’t know what it is but, I’m into lime green right now. I feel attracted to this color for some reason. Lol…

And check out this kit I received in the mail! Got this kit at Story of my Life. Go and check out the sale kits. Great prices. I can’t wait to make stuff with these goodies!

And speaking of making, here’s a layout I did the other day. I really like how this turned out. It looks much better in person. The lens I have right now isn’t fast enough so pictures shot inside tend to either have camera shake or focusing problems! Time to get a good fast camera lens to go along with my wonderful camera,  lol….

This morning I went to shoot some photos for an assignment (due this coming week, yikes!) but I couldn’t get what I needed… So I took photos of my little companion while he was goofing around with this branch he found on the ground… lol.

People wonder why I take so many photos of him only but, the truth is he’s the only one who is willing (most of the time) to allow me to do so. My other two kids are not too cooperative with their mamarazzi! So I take advantage of what I have available, hehehe…. and besides he’s my little shadow, too! Hehehe. I guess I need to work out a few deals with the other two soon! lol. Have a nice day everyone! Thanks for reading!