Hello friends. Okay so this post isn’t any fun. I usually wait to have some pictures to write a post. Today though, I won’t. Not because I don’t have any to upload but, because I need to release some tension first. Okay so here it goes….

Stresser 1:

I will be the “spokesperson” (well sort of, I forgot what it’s called) on Sunday for my Web class during our client meeting. I must start by saying that I am not very confident speaking publicly. For one, I am aware that I still have an accent, which makes it worst when I’m trying to speak without it being so noticeable, which then makes me stutter, and then makes me have a brain block, then I really can’t speak at all, then I turn red, then I just want to run out and cry! LOL. And second, I am shy around people, I am not so outgoing at first and yeah, I’m nervous! lol. I need you guys to send good positive vibes via internet for me!

Stresser 2:

Okay I also have assignments building up, I don’t have enough time specially for my photography classes, I need my assistant (hubby-hehe) to go with me during shooting times but, he works too much and Sundays are the days he could go with me, and one day a week isn’t enough for me in order to complete these on time.

Stresser 3:

I have so many things running through my head, right now! Good things, that is. Ideas and thoughts to create! Creativity juices are flowing and bouncing out my head like crazy. I want to do so many things. I got too many projects I would like to do right now! And then again time, work space, and other little things are sort of in the way.

Stresser 4:

Work space. Yeah, let’s talk about that. I’m in the middle of converting a spare room into my work room. I blogged about it here and here a few months back. My things are all over. A few art supplies are in a closet (in the basement), some are in my bedroom and the rest are already moved in my work room. Problem is they’re all over the place. Another problem, for me at least. I can’t work well and efficiently this way. It drives me insane. Really, it does. Don’t get me wrong, I do make quite a mess when I’m working, but things have a place and I know where to go and get them. Right now they don’t. I don’t know where my things are which takes me twice as much time to complete one single project. Huhrrr! I know, this is probably not a big deal, but hey, when you have all these ideas bombarding your head, it could make you a little crazy. I just want to get started and take advantage of these crazy desires to create and make things!

Am I panicking without reason or what? Yeah, maybe I am. But that’s how I get sometimes. Other than making things and fixing little broken things around the house, I also have too many books I would like to read, things I want to learn and things I want to buy. lol.

See? I told you… too many things are running through my head right now! But I think from all the stressers, number 1 is the biggie one right now. lol. So please do send good vibes to this little blogger….hehe. Thanks for reading… (boy it feels good taking it all out on you guys…lol) Thanks, photos next time, I promise!