Yesterday when I came back from school I found that my son had decided to practice writing his name and make art all over the house…

And yes, even on the carpet!

Not that our carpet was beautiful, or anything like that. This carpet is only five years old and like you could see, it looks like it’s ancient! This used to be my son’s nursery, toddler and preschool room. So it has gotten many beatings and abuse by him. We have given it a deep cleaning treatment in the past but we were not able to take most of the stains out. Its pretty much stained forever! And is the room I’ve been wanting to convert into my “all-in-one” room.

I’ve been accumulating my things in there for the past few months. I still have more art supplies in my bedroom (by my computer) and downstairs in a closet. I don’t want to overload this room with things because I need to do something about the carpet first. Arhhh.

Great! Anyhow….today is my day off (from school) so I will hopefully take the time to create something later, yay!

Finally, for those that don’t know me very well here’s a few random things about me. Here we go:

1. I’m the middle child of three children. (Tough being the  middle child, I think I suffer from middle-child-syndrome! lol)

2. I was born in South America in Cali, Colombia and came to the USA when I was six.

3. I speak and write fluently both Spanish and English. In our house hubby and I speak Spanglish, lol! The kiddos speak only English but understand Spanish.

4. I like to save things. Specially meaningful things like childhood diaries, letters, tickets, stationary, cards, stuffed animals, dolls, etc.

5. I like to swim. I love the water. I love the ocean.

6. I played the violin in J.H.S and H.S. I have my own violin but I don’t think I remember how to play it anymore.. 😦

7. I believe that God speaks to me in dreams and visions. I’m not saying I’m psychic, in fact I don’t want to be one, but I do know that God communicates with me and shows me things through my dreams.

8. I love being at home. I love my space. I love being in my house. I like to go out but I’d rather be at home.

9. I don’t mind being alone. In fact I like being alone. It helps me energize. I like to write, journal, read, meditate, and plan things out during my “alone” times.

10. I know a lot of people, talk to a lot of people, socialize with everyone but in the end I don’t consider everyone my “friends”. I choose my friends closely. I have a couple of friends. And I’m OK with that.

11. I like to observe things and people. I think God’s creation is wonderful and I try to observe as much as I can. I get inspiration by doing so.

12. I became a new born christian at age 15. ‘Till this day I don’t regret it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

13. I got married 5 days after I turned 18. Had my daughter at 19. She’s 16 now… do the math, I don’t mind! lol

14. I love art and of course anything else creative (photography, scrapbooking, painting, decorating, design… you know the deal…lol)

15. I hate to cook. I do it because I have to but If I had a choice and money I would pay a professional cook! I think I’d much rather clean.

16. I love purses! I have too many. I like the bigger ones. I’m trying not to buy anymore…at least for a little while…lol. I also love wallets.

17. I love organizing. Sorting things out. I can’t work in an unorganized space or environment.

18. I don’t like to make mistakes twice! (maybe that’s why I ask so many questions. lol).

19. Sometimes I have a low self esteem. My weight bothers me most of the time. I’ve tried to loose weight but have been unsuccessful most of the times. I love myself don’t get me wrong but at times I am very aware of how I look. I try not to think about it though.

20. I like kids and teenagers. I love working with them. I like to be around them. Most of the people I hang out with are younger than me. I get along with younger people for some reason. lol.

21. I don’t like to drive and I hate putting gas in my car. I do it but me don’t like…. lol.

22. I love to learn new things. I want to learn how to do everything! Specially anything that spices up my creativity!

23. I like to help people out giving them advice. I honestly thought I was going to become a social worker when I was in H.S. I like to encourage people. It makes me happy.

24. I love coffee. I can’t live without it. I’ve been drinking coffee since I could remember!

25. I want to become a better person, wife, mother, christian, friend. I aspire great things and I have a great desire to succeed in everything I do or set my mind to be.

So there! A few things about me. There’s plenty more things I wouldn’t mind sharing with you. The Good, the bad and the ugly! I don’t mind. Maybe I’ll make a part two of my randomness… Hehe. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Tuesday!