Look at what I received from Amazon yesterday! I used my $50 certificate from Housetribe and bought these books which were on my wish list. Yay… so happy! I don’t know when I’ll get to them but, I’m hoping that it’ll be soon and not later! lol.

I want to scrapbook and create a page in my art journal so bad! I thought I would get to do some art today but, I’ve been doing my Web Design assignment all morning and afternoon. CSS and HTML is so confusing sometimes! It drives me up the wall when I can’t get things to work or look the way I want them to! Arhh! Finally I’m almost done! I decided that I should probably take a break and stop for today. Tomorrow I’ll fix and tidy up the assignment before class.

Anyhow, like I was saying… I want to make a few scrapbook pages and do some art in my art journal and I also want to paint. I had bought this canvas about 1 month ago with the intention of making a pretty painting but I’ve been putting it on hold thinking that I’m not ready for it yet! I don’t want to mess it up. But I’ve been thinking, if I don’t try, I’ll never get good at it, I’ll never know. Right? If it doesn’t turn out the way I want it, it’s ok! No big deal, right? So that’s also on the list! Maybe next post I’ll have some art to post, we’ll see…hehe.

So my break continues….I’m off to do some reading and maybe spend the rest of the evening with the family watching some movies and relaxing. Thanks for reading!