This past Monday (Labor Day) a little boy drowned at the lake near my town. My nephew had been at the beach (lake) that day and said that everyone was forced out of the water because they were looking for someone that was missing, well it turned out to be a 7 year old little boy. Unfortunately he died. Last night in one of my photography classes my friend from class had been at the beach that day and she had taken her camera and decided to shoot some photos of the scene. And it turned out that without her knowing she caught on camera one of the rescuers taking the boy out of the water. Man, I only saw two pictures and it was enough for me. I literally wanted to cry. I will never forget those images! I felt a huge knot inside my heart and throat, making it hard for me to concentrate in class. I was so sad for this family… for the little boy… his friends (that were in the beach playing with him that day), and everyone else close to him. It made me realize how grateful I am to have my kids alive and healthy. I can’t possibly imagine how his mom must’ve felt, or how she feels right now. And you know what? I know that a few people might try to blame the parents but I don’t. I can’t blame or judge them. Anything like this could go wrong in a matter of seconds. That’s why I’m thankful because my God has taken care of my children ’till this day. And all I could say is, Lord, prepare me if something like this ever happened to my family. Have mercy on us and our family. My prayers go to this little boy’s mom and her family. You could read more about it here.

Take time to give your children a hug, a kiss, and to tell them how much you love them… thank God for their lives. And please don’t forget to make a prayer for this family. Thanks.