My little boy (not so little anymore) started his first day in Kindergarten! I realized how much I am going to miss having him around the house with me during the day. I am officially a mom with all her kids in school. One in H.S., one in J.H.S. and one in Kindergarten!! Wow. I can’t believe it! Lol.

His big sister was really excited for him she begged to miss school because she wanted to be with him on his first day. Right before we had to leave she was giving him advice and last instructions about school. Lol. So cute. She swears she’s his mom! Lol

This weekend was a nice one. Hubby and I spend a late afternoon at the lake talking, walking and taking some sunset photos. It was such a wonderful sunset evening. The view was amazing. I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon before the winter days arrive.