That has been my motto this week! I’m trying to saturate myself with all the good positive and inspirational things. If I want to produce good photos then I should feed my mind and soul with good photography, if I want to paint…then I will feed my eyes and my heart with art books, images, artistic websites and so on. I am breathing in all the creative inspiration I could get and jotting down all the ideas and thoughts in my journal. It’s time to have a mind-change about myself and about what I can’t do! It’s time to believe in my abilities and my talents, and my gifts, so out with the BAD air, in with the GOOD!

In response to Suziblu’s video I made this journal page. It made me realize that it’s time to believe and to start calling myself what I am…. An Artist! It’s time to believe in myself and in my abilities to create, photograph, design, paint, draw or whatever! It’s ok if it isn’t perfect or as beautiful as such and such…. We are each original and unique and that’s the beauty of life, that’s the beauty of God’s creation. We are different, we are all perfect with our inperfections! We own it ourselves, to God! Yes…I am WORTHY….