Hello. Yesterday was Scrap Your Day for me. I took my camera to school but couldn’t take many photos but I did manage to take just enough for my scrap your day book. Last month I took pictures on the 25th but didn’t get to make prints! Haven’t done so yet. I have them nicely saved but not taken them to print yet, so I’m hoping to scrap about my two days all at once… July 25th and August 25th. I just wanted to say that I haven’t left that challenge yet, lol, I’m still digging it, just not scrapped about them… just yet! Too many things going on lately here in my home.

I’ve been getting these strange headaches lately. I believe since Friday. And they seem like they never go away. I don’t suffer from migrains or anything like it so I find it strange that I have been getting them. And they’re nonstop. Only pain killers calm them down. I think is time to pay the doctor a visit. I get worried about things like these. I’m usually a healthy person. Hardly ever get sick except for mild colds and flus once in a while. So for me, is not normal.

Classes were OK yesterday. Lots of work! I could see myself stressed out already! Lol. I asked for it, didn’t I? Lol. Today is one of my photography classes. Can’t wait for that one! I’ve been thinking of getting a part time job. I think I’ll be filling out some applications soon. We really need some extra cash around this house! Hubby is thinking of cutting down some hours from work. He’s been feeling exhausted lately. I think is the best thing for him to do right now. We don’t want to over do it, the body could only take so much, right?

Thanks for stopping by and for reading. Have a nice day or night!