Yes my dears… I’ve been playing around with this baby since Thursday:

It finally arrived! I’m so excited that forgot to post these past days…lol. I’ve been trying to play around with it. This baby has so many features, it’s unbelievable! The manual is small but fat with content! lol. Still a lot to play with and learn!

I also started my first class this Saturday. Media Design, and according to the syllabus and what the teacher told us, it’s going to be fun fun fun. We’ll be designing a website for one of her clients as a group and we’ll be making two commercials.A 30 second and 60 second one! Woww baby! We’ll also be doing many flow charts and storyboards! Tomorrow I have two classes. Wesite Design 2 and Professional Practices. The second one sounds boring but I’m sure there’s many things which are important which I have to learn, right? So, many notes taking on that one! lol. My photography classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, can’t wait for those!!

More playing around with my camera…lol.

Anyhow, here’s a quick digital layout I did the other day. I think I’m beginning to get convinced that I do much better digitally than actual paper! Lol. I still have lots and lots to learn, no doubt about that yo! Hehehe.   The other day I was craving so much for one of these… 

… and hubby came to the rescue, hehehe. Well, more like, “honey don’t come home without that ice-cream today!” Of course many kisses followed after that! Lol. Gosh, I feel I’m getting addicted to ice-cream, which reminds me I have to try to eat healthier. One of my goals is to loose weight and get fit. Tomorrow is the day… I’ll start to make some changes concerning my eating habits. New camera (lol), new things to learn, new schedule, new habits!  

Lastly, the other day I saw this lady singing the “The Mom Song” in Dr. Phil’s Show. I just loved it and if you’re a mom you’ll understand why. And so I leave you today with this. Enjoy!