Howdy once again! Lol. Who’s been seeing the olympics? Anyone? Anyone? Hehe. I’ve been going to sleep late everyday last week and this week watching the games! Well mostly the swimming and gymnastics! Great, fun and exciting games….Go USA!!!

So, I figured out what was wrong with my computer and why it wasn’t letting me upload my pictures from my cheapy camera! lol. All I had to do was to restart my MAC.! Ha! how easy was that? I usually keep my computer on, never turning it off, (just logging off). I guess it needed a rest! So now that things are working properly, I would like to show you what I’ve been up to: Inspired by Amelia challenge…


My pen smudged a little in the journaling and I didn’t noticed until now! Hehe.

Art Journal pages

I’m also finishing up my exercises from this book.

I know it has taken me a while but I’m taking it slow on this one. I like to think and meditate on every exercise! This book is so motivational that I want to learn and try to apply everything from it! I really like it a lot.

I woke up so early this morning and I don’t know why. It was hard going back to sleep for some reason. I began thinking about things. Things to come…like classes, school, money, all the things I would like to do but can’t at this time. I want to take Suzi blu’s class and other online classes, my CAMERA (yeah, which arrives today!) and all the camera equipment I will need later on this year, I need a job, we need more money. Talk about being anxious! Man, I had it this morning! I had to get up from bed just so that I could stop thinking so much! I usually don’t get this anxious, only once in a while! Lol. I know that many people don’t understand the sacrifices Ruben and I are making, and they might criticize and comment among each other, you know what? It’s ok. We are trying to learn, to succeed, to follow what God has put in our hearts even if it seems contradicting and we’re doing this for ourselves and our kids. And you know what else? People don’t need to understand. I know what we’re doing is in God’s divine plans and that’s all I should care for at this time. Right? Anyhow… today my friends, I’ll leave you with some baby shower pictures…

and this verse:

Commend what you do to Yahweh (God), and what you plan will be achieved. Proverbs 16:3

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading!