Howdy! I hope all you guys had a nice weekend. Mine was spent doing some cleaning, watching a few movies, reading and I went to my sister’s baby shower. I wanted to upload a few pictures I took this weekend but for some reason I’m having technical problems. The USB cord is not even connecting to the computer. Something I’ll have to figure out later, I guess. As soon as I get it to work I’ll post the pictures for you guys to see. Anyhoo, I wanted to share that for the first time in a long time I won something! Yayyy!!  I won a gift certificate for $50.00, my home was chosen house of the week over at Housetribe. It’s so exciting. I haven’t won anything, like I said, in a looooooong time! Hehe. It feels good. Lol.

August 18 2008


I’m counting the days ’till classes start! Unfortunately, I will be taking a Saturday class which means I start this coming Saturday. I’m excited about it but, at the same time I feel like it’ll be less time for me to be creating and having fun at home. Well, I will be creating things but it’ll be school related, assignments and projects. I guess that’s fun, too! lol. I just don’t like the pressure, ‘ya know? lol.  
Oh, yeah but the best news I have to share with the world is that I finally ordered my Nikon D300 on Friday! Yes! I will be having my baby arriving sometime this week. I’m hoping it’ll be tomorrow! Yeah, baby! Can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for this camera for ever! We spend all summer trying to find a good deal. An investment in which my future relies on. I wanted to choose the right camera and a good price to go with it! lol. I think we got a nice deal, a full kit! Not the deal we were expecting but, for now….it works! 
Well, thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.