Nothing interesting to post today.There’s nothing great going on other than being busy removing wall paper from my dinning room and the fact that my home is a little chaotic…again! I guess this is the way it is when you start remodeling your home.

Saturday (yesterday) hubby was off and we spend most of the day as a family. We went to run some errands trying to find the best deal for my camera—no luck! Then we went and bought a few goodies at the dollar store (scrapbooking fun for me) and then we went to the mall, had lunch and later that evening we went to the movies to watch Journey at the Center of the Earth -3D. Oh yeah, we also had ice-cream and burgers at the movies. It was a fun family fun day! We hardly get to do things together since poor hubby works 2 jobs! We sure miss being together a lot! But we try to spend quality time whenever we can. We are hoping for this to end around December. For those that don’t know, Ruben has been working two full time jobs so that I can become a full time student. It was a commitment that we both made so that I may finish my degree and at times it can be hard for him as well as for me and the kids. But we are committed and we are hoping that all this sacrifice will end by the end of the year. I believe that in order to succeed we must sacrifice a few things and stick to the plan. I know this will all pass…and we will meet our goals.

Like I mentioned, I haven’t gotten my camera, just yet. We are hoping to get it soon sometime this week. We don’t want to rush into anything, we want to get the best deal we can. I will patiently keep waiting… lol.

Anyways…. this week I will be spending creating some ATC’s. After I joined the mixed media network I’ve met so many wonderful artists. Helena asked me to swap cards with her. I’ve never done it before but I’m willing to try to give it a try. I’m really excited. She’s an awesome artist, her work is fabulous, and if you have some time I encourage you to stop by her site to view her work. So anyhow, that’s what’s up for now… Oh, yeah, I went shopping for some paint and other supplies I will be needing for Suzi Blu’s class which starts on the 18th. I’m not done yet shopping for supplies yet. This class is a perfect excuse for me to go art shopping! Lol. I love it.

I promise to be more interesting on my next post. At least I’ll show some ATC’s and other little projects I’m hoping to work on this week. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!