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So here’s the great network I’ve joined while waiting for my Suzi Blu’s class. Great group of artists, I’ve made some wonderful friends, already!

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Anyhow, Today my niece went to Jacob’s field to play as an all star rookie! It was my first time since living in Cleveland that I had ever gone to the baseball stadium so I was excited also! Here’s some photos I took with my digital camera. The rest of the photos were taken with my film camera so that means I don’t have them yet.

My niece was in the red team. In the picture above you could see her name is posted on the board. Isabelle Rios, #6. With this camera, this is as close as I could zoom in. I got better shots with my film camera, of course. Okay my friends this is it for today. I’m feeling very sleepy and tired. I feel I haven’t gotten enough rest lately. It’s not good…I can’t get creative this way…. I hope to get all my blog links up soon! Arrrhhh! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night (day?).