My sister, her girls and my son went to Splash Zone yesterday, the day was beautiful. We got there a little later in the afternoon but, we had a nice day.

Trying to get a little tan (it wasn’t happening, lol)!

This is my sister with her daughter. My sister and I hadn’t been out alone for a while and so we needed to catch up on a few things. lol. Well, we weren’t really alone, but I mean alone without any other adults…

My nieces and son.
The kids had the most fun, I think!
You can see more pictures here.

Later, last night I went to the movies to see Dark Knight. It was an awesome movie. I specially loved the joker (Heath Ledger)! His character was amazing! I recommend you go and watch it. I love movies that start out and end with action scenes! Great movie! A must see!

Anyhow moving to the creative, here’s a quick layout I did the other day. I love the way it turned out. I took this picture, processed it, developed and printed myself during last semester in school. I miss those endless days at the darkroom! They were long tiring days but so much fun! It’s too bad my school eliminated the darkroom. They decided to go digital now. So the dark room will be used for some sort of gallery place or something like that. I’m going to miss it. But Oh well, we must keep up with technology, right? Although, sometime in the future I will love to have my own dark room. Humm… another plan! lol.

Update on my home projects: Kitchen is almost done! My son’s new space and my daughter’s space are clean and ready to be painted a few weeks from today. It’s really organized, cleaned out and all it needs is a bed for my son! Lol. For now, he is still using his crib mattress (he doesn’t want to give it up, yet). My new space isn’t ready yet, there’s a bigger mess since I had to bring stuff from my daughter’s room into the room. Like the sewing machine and small desk. I’m hoping to get something done in that room today. We’ll see. I’ll take photos soon and will post the progress, I promise! O.k. guys thanks so much for reading. Have a nice day!