Yesterday was an unproductive day (creating wise, I mean). I had it all planned out yesterday (with my list in hands and everything) when my niece called to ask me to go with her to the downtown library which is a big, nice one, and I, of course, couldn’t say NO to that! I looooooveeeee books. I can’t get enough of them. I went and got like 10 more books!!! Can you believe it? Now I have like 20 crafty, scrapping, decorating, journaling, sewing, books at home! Lol. Crazy, I know! I keep overloading myself with stuff, lol…but that’s ok! I’ll manage. Hehehe, so new plans……

I’m getting into these books, I will take notes, and make photocopies of things I would like to do and things that inspire me. Then, I’m planning to make two inspirational files (notebooks) with all my ideas, things to do, sketches, layouts, etc… and another one with the same concept except it’ll be for my photography work to have later on during this fall semester. This way I feel more organized and I could focus better, right? Oh I’m so excited!
With that said, I’m off now, I have some reading to do…lol… take care my friends. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!