Yes, guys a new day! And after yesterday’s post I’ve been doing some thinking… yes more thinking…lol… and decided that today I will sit and meditate on priorities. I need to set my priorities. And after doing so, I will make a list. Lists work for me a lot! There’s nothing more satisfying than to check off or scratch of my to-do-list things and seeing my list get smaller. And then of course start over with a new List! lol. But the point for me is that I have to try not to get overwhelmed by all the things I want to accomplish. I am the type of person that sets myself goals and usually accomplish them somehow. Weather they’re small little insignificant things or big things, I usually finish what I start even if it takes me days, months or even years. I feel incomplete when I don’t finish what I start or in other cases what I haven’t started but are definitely cooking in my little mind! Okay so… today is a new day. I will not be overwhelmed and I will focus! I will keep my focus! Hehe. I will take one step at a time. I will make my list first (after I’m done posting here). And then take it from there…

In other note, last night I painted over my journal cover and got inspired by This is Me Journal blog and decided to join, yet again, in another scrappy, journal challenge. So this is my cover:
This is not a new journal, it’s actually my old journal. I just painted and added some letters and embellishments to the cover since I hadn’t done so before. And I will be using this journal for the challenges and my personal pages.

Okay my friends I’m off to make my list. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.